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Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

While we await the rollout of the COVID vaccines to the general population, we want you to know that we take every precaution to ensure your safety at our clinic. We have made a lot of changes over the past nine months and we continue to update our protocols according to CDC recommendations. Below we answer a few frequent questions that we have been receiving pertaining to the coronavirus pandemic.

How do you clean and prevent exposure to the coronavirus?

We are vigilant when it comes to our patients' safety during COVID. Every patient room is sterilized with EPA-registered disinfectant before you walk in the door. All surfaces are wiped down and proper air circulation is verified by a member of our staff. To make sure you are not exposed to other patients, we have adjusted our intake procedure to only allow one person or family in the waiting room area at a time. It is our goal that you will only come into contact with our medical staff during your visit. We have installed plexi-glass barriers for the safety of our receptionist during payment procedures. Limiting your exposure is just one step that we take to prevent the spread of COVID.

Do you offer virtual appointments?

We offer virtual appointments for a wide array of conditions and issues that your little one may be experiencing. During COVID, we know you may be isolating but that doesn't mean healthcare should be neglected. Stay on top of well visits and have that mystery rash looked at from the safety of your own home. Call today to schedule your virtual appointment!

What should I do if my child has COVID symptoms?

If your child is sick or has been notified of an exposure, we have BOTH rapid antigen and send-out PCR testing in our clinic. With same day sick visits, you can know your results within 15 minutes! Give us a call if your child is experiencing symptoms of COVID.

What should I do to alleviate my child’s stress?

The CDC has provided a list of resources pertaining to the mental health of children during a pandemic. Everyone reacts differently so along with a list of warning signs they have provided ways to introduce coping skills, as well. If stress related to coronavirus has affected your child's sleep, mood and/or behavior, we are also here to help. There are lots of ways to address these issues and we can give medical guidance through a difficult time.

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