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Easter Fun at Scissortail!

Spring is in the air! Easter is just a couple days away and we have had a great time getting ready for it. Eggs have been colored. Outside ;-)

Over the years, I have tried different egg coloring techniques but my favorite is still regular PAAS. So easy and fun. My husband almost bought the glitter kit this year (Nooooo! ;-) but crisis was averted. And I can look forward to brightly colored egg salad this weekend.

Shirts have been made!!! Dr. Yates made these ones for her sweet kiddos. We love making stuff! You'll see a lot of our crafty side here. Not a lot of doctor's offices keep a heat press at the ready, but Scissortail Pediatrics does. ;-)

The forecast looks great for the Blanchard Egg Hunt on Saturday. Of course, the weather will be chilly on Sunday so the kiddos will likely need coats over their adorable outfits. We'd love to see some Scissortail kids in their Easter best! Share photos here or on our Facebook page.

Your pediatricians wish you a happy, hoppy holiday! See you soon.

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