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Medical Ear Piercing at Scissortail!!!

If you like jewelry like we like jewelry, you might be excited to know that medical ear piercing is available at our clinic. We proudly use the Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing system which allows us to ensure a safe, sterile, and hypoallergenic procedure. We use two piercing guns at the same time to make the process quick and less painful for our patients. Numbing cream and aftercare products are also available in our office.

The best time to pierce little ones ears are from ages 3-15 months (after the first baby vaccines have kicked and before toddlers become too wiggly). The next best time to get ears pierced are when the child is old enough to ask to have it done and capable of helping with aftercare.

child ear piercing
A sweet Scissortail kid after her ear piercing! How cute is she?!?!

For more information give us a call and check out the link below.

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