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The sun will come out...

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner! Let's take a quick sec to review sun protection for you and your kiddos. My recommendations:

1. Shade and cover: The very littles should be in the shade and covered. Kids that are mobile should wear SPF protective clothing and hats when able. Rash guards (like on my kiddo below) are very helpful for protecting shoulders and chests.

2. Sunscreen up: My favorite products for kids are zinc oxide based. Look for it on the labels. I buy Banana Boat Kids and Blue Lizard. I find that these are gentle and do not sting my eyes. My kiddo likes them, too. SPF 30 or above is great.

3. Start a timer: Remember to reapply as directed.

4. Mind the head: Don't forget to protect the scalp! Hats are great. Sunscreen powders and sprays are also helpful for protecting the top of the head.

Any questions? Ask us at your next appointment or comment below.

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